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What's the key to solving life's problems?

Beth, Answering life’s problems can mean a variety of things. The best advice I can give yo you is whenever you make a mistake in your life. Try to answer that mistake with a solution, that way you get the best outcome and you get the best you. Once you believe in yourself you are able to do anything in this world whether that is owning your own business, becoming a doctor, or even becoming an astronaut. Rich D.

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4 answers

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Katherine’s Answer

I would go along with a lot of the "12 steps" outlook: admit when something is a problem instead of denying it, have some hope that the problem can be solved somehow sometime, let God or a higher power team with you in getting things fixed up, think through and identify all the components of the problem, fix what you can fix, and let the rest go/work around it, really get aligned with wanting things to be a way that would be better, try to make sure all of your relationships in life are as good as they can be, and live one day at a time, continually getting life more straightened out over the days and decades, and tell other people what you know after going through this whole process in order to help them.

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Kim’s Answer


The key to solving life's problems? To be able to learn from your own experiences, others' mistakes, to be able to research and analyze, and to exercise self-discipline. We are living in an age of information overload. However, having all that information at your fingertips, makes researching so much easier.

As we go through life, we encounter problems we never ever dreamed we would have to face. But, each previous experience has prepared us for that. And we know we will get through the next one.

The best way to solve problems is to prevent them! One example of this is practicing sound financial planning. It's pretty much guaranteed that your car will need things - tires, batteries, starter, etc. The same for houses. And you might need some dental work. So, by planning some of these "unexpected" expenses into the budget will help.

Other problems? I was fortunate to work with a group of people, many of whom were older than me, and, to have the time at work to be able to discuss some of life's experiences. You need to be able to sort out the advice, and be selective of who you get it from. Not everyone who is older has figured it all out!

I find that it sometimes helps to write the problem down, and list the options available to me, and potential consequences of each option. This helps me to better visualize what it is I'm dealing with. And, once you decide to do something, it relieves a lot of the stress - it's making the decision that is the stressful part!

Hope this helps!

Yay, this is good stuff :) Katherine Avery

Thanks Katherine! When I was a teen I never imagined what life would throw at me! It's definitely not easy "adulting." Kim Igleheart

Thank you, this was very helpful! Beth M.

you are quite welcome Beth! Always feel free to come back here for support - there's no age limit! The diversity of experience of the professionals on this site is phenomenal! Kim Igleheart

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Craig’s Answer

First it is important to realize that this is a very big question. This is a question that many people continually work on through their entire life. Once you look at it from a perspective that life is more of a journey, and that your perspective on problems that you encounter will influence how you tackle solutions to them is a very important step. Depending on what problem or situation you are trying to solve there will be many different Avenues to finding a solution or getting you towards a solution. A very important thing to remember is that in life you can always seek counsel and help from others who may have gone through similar situations and problems, look at it as working in a team environment. There are going to be many problems that cannot be solved by one single person, but instead require a team. The advice I would give to you is to make sure that you seek out good coaches, mentors, or others to talk to and get advice on specific problems you are working to solve.

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Samantha’s Answer

Happiness , love, and hard work