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Meghana Nov 22, 2022 149 views

Which careers can I go to, if I decide not to go to medical school, with a biomedical science major?

Currently, I am in high school. I just wanted to explore my options in undergraduate.

sabin’s Avatar
sabin Apr 30, 2021 392 views

What about mechanical engineering

My name is sabin. I am a smart boy.i want to know about mechanical engineering

Valeria’s Avatar
Valeria Apr 24, 2018 544 views

I have an insterse in being a nurse and a eninger. Is the a job that combines both of those.

I asking because I want to b a nurse and eninger at the same time and I’m wondering if there’s a job like that. #engineering #medicine

Beth’s Avatar
Beth Apr 29, 2021 459 views

What's the key to solving life's problems?

#psychology #mentalhealth

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Apr 28, 2021 281 views

I just want to advance study about my course mechanical engineering.

Im angel 20 years old, im out of school youth for about 3 years, then i decide to enroll in TSU online. Now, i just want to learn a lot about my second choice course ( mechanical engineering). #motivation is my parents cause she really want me to be graduate, so she pushing me to study well.

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Aug 25, 2016 564 views

What is the average salary of an Aerospace engineer right out of college?

This is the profession i am looking at #engineering #financial-planning

pablo’s Avatar
pablo Oct 09, 2019 483 views

What is the salary of being an electrical engineer?

#salary #electrical #engineering #electrical-engineering #career