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Emerson, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
Sanaii’s Avatar
Sanaii 1 hour ago 15 views

Is there anyone who can help me start up a free online coding program for elementary school students?

I am a member of the organization LoveTech. LoveTech is a youth organization dedicated to uplifting and supporting everyone in STEM, no matter their age or gender. Members like myself are committed to helping our communities and making sure everyone achieves tech literacy, something that is...

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Sanaii 1 hour ago 12 views

what are good extracurriculars for bio or animal science major?

I am currently a rising junior, and I want to have more STEM-based extracurriculars. Any tips/advice?

Sanaii’s Avatar
Sanaii 1 hour ago 18 views

For Veterinarians/ aspiring veterinarians, is there a reason you decided to choose that field?

I have always loved animals but I am wondering what my love for the field stems from. I didn't have any pets growing up, as much as I wanted to, but I have always felt a connection to animals when in their presence. I also grew up in an urban setting so I wasn't too exposed to animals besides...

Ali’s Avatar
Ali 2 days ago 127 views

How will the future of education change with the rise of children diagnosed with behavioral and attention disorders?

I’ve noticed that children are more rude and have less of an attention span lately, partly due to TikTok but also partly do to COVID. Do you think that education system will see any long term effects of this, or will it go away in time?

Sammi’s Avatar
Sammi Jun 22 201 views

Speech Pathologist collage requirements?

What majors do i need to become Speech-language pathologist? Also what collages are good for it?

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Jun 22 410 views

what is the best way to learn business mangement stratetgy?

what is the best way to learn business mangement stratetgy tips?

Nasir’s Avatar
Nasir Jun 20 356 views

How can I find the best software Engineering internships around me?

Currently, I have one internship related to agriculture. I was hoping to find another internship that I'm interested in like becoming a software engineer.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jun 20 184 views

Why Shoud I focus on accounting as a career ?

Objective of Accounting
Job prospects for accounting

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Jun 20 177 views

How do I pursue internships while attending college?

I am planning on being a STEM major in college and want to ensure that I get real-life experience in my field while still attending college. How do I achieve this?

Emilka’s Avatar
Emilka Jun 20 166 views

If I'm interested in pursuing medicine what kind of jobs should I get as a teen?

I'm a highschooler interested in medicine and I was wondering if the job I get has to be related to this. I'm going to try and do volunteering this summer along with babysitting but what job should I get? I was thinking an acai bowl shop but I'm not sure if that will be okay.

jin’s Avatar
jin Jun 20 246 views

Pathways to dosimetry?

What are the pathways to becoming a Medical Dosimetrist?

carmelina’s Avatar
carmelina Jun 20 279 views

As a high school student, how can I determine if a career in photography is right for me?

In order to look into photography as a career instead of a hobby I will need to enroll in photography classes to learn more about lighting, composition, technique's and many more elements to capture a beautiful image. I can perhaps look for photography clubs around me to get more familiar with...

Qingru’s Avatar
Qingru Jun 18 556 views

What makes a qualified designer?

what makes a qualified designer?

Camila’s Avatar
Camila Jun 17 304 views

What is a major? What majors are there?

I’m a high school student and I don’t know what career path I want to pursue. But I would like to get to know the majors and at least want to have some in mind so I can do research and get ride some so I can pick a major.

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Jun 16 295 views

Do you have to transfer your associate's degree to your bachelors?

Hi, I am currently a rising junior who is taking dual enrollment classes in psychology. I was wondering that when I go to university do they take away my associates degree if they transfer the credits to my bachelors degree. I was wondering because If they didn't I could pursue a better-paying...

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