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What is the best major to become a computer modeling and simulation designer

I am maybe interested in providing computer generated simulations for the military #computer-science #computer-software #computer-games

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2 answers

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Blaine’s Answer

Hi William. I would suggest pursuing a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. You will learn programming skills that can be used for creating digital simulations. While I was pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science I was lucky enough to also get an internship working for CAE, Inc. At the time, this company was called Reflectone, and they specialized in the design and build of flight simulators for military and commercial aircraft. I ended up getting a full time position with them and worked there for over 5 years. I hope you find this helpful.

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Joanne’s Answer

Honestly, consider going to one of the military schools (west point, annapolis).

Plan "B" could be computer engineering. Check with the schools to review the diversity of the computer courses within the college.

For example, Rowan University has an electrical and computer engineering program. When my son was looking, there were less than a dozen schools with this 'computer option'.