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What makes you outstanding to an employer?

I would like to know when I apply for a job #business #human-resources

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It's not just your GPA or school activities that set you apart. Most employers look for a well-rounded individual to join the team. Someone who shows community engagement and a passion for helping others.

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Hi Chevonne,

It might depend on the job you are applying to, but for a first interaction with HR I believe there are certain things that would make you stand out: - Show passion and real interest for their company and the role, demonstrate that you have done "your homework" by researching about the company, the culture and their mission. - Most jobs nowadays value candidates who demonstrate interpersonal skills, ability to work in teams, pro activeness to get things done and flexibility to adapt. Try to show you have those skills. - Try to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Have you done something extra-curricular that is interesting and different? What are some of your interests? Show that on your resume and you might catch their attention. - For an interview, prepare and practice, practice, practice. Know you're story, be ready to answer why you are applying for that role, what are your strengths, weaknesses, and so on. There are many resources online to prepare for interviews, try to take a look at some behavioral questions and have answers ready for them. - Relax and be yourself!

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How much value you add to the organization and the extent to which you can make your role irreplaceable in the organization makes you outstanding in that particular organization.

Last updated Jan 11 '17 at 15:35

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Hi Chevonne,

Every company has its own vision and goals which are passed on from company level to individuals.Depending on the performance of each employee towards fulfillment of these goals are measured to rank/rate.We call this as performance evaluation which is the foundation of deriving metrics to measure the performance.So all employees are measured, compared and categorized generally into categories like top performers, average and under performers.

So Outstanding performers are employees who have achieved beyond their set goals and have contributed exceptionally towards business goals.They would have bought noticeable changes in any of these,including but not limited to,revenue,employee engagement,process,creativity,innovation.

Outstanding employees are employees with high recognition for their work and interpersonal skills.

Last updated Jan 07 '17 at 17:45

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