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How can I be successful businesswomen ?

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7 answers

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Josée’s Answer

I would also like to add: success starts in the small things, everyday goals. You can notice the success you are having all around you. Something as simple as deciding to exercise even though you did not feel like it and feeling great about it afterwards. It could be anything really, going ahead with having a business conversation with someone you would usually feel shy to approach. This will help you to build confidence and find out more about your unique abilities. For a long time, success was defined as being able to accomplish something amazing according to the society you live in. For some, it was to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Now, if you notice who is truly happy and successful, in my opinion its the people that have figured out what they are good at, makes then happy and are able to make a living out of it. Regarding being successful as a business "woman", getting a mentor is what has supported me personally the most. Many experienced business women are interested in helping their community. If there is someone that inspires you, you never know, she might be open in mentoring you. There is an AWESOME youtube video on that, included below. I also suggest a section on Ted Talks dedicated to Women and a specific video around a woman who defied all odds. All the best to you on your journey!

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Mao’s Answer

Great question! I think first you have to determine what being successful means and looks like to YOU. Others will try to impose or steer you in their definition of being successful but don't let them. Being successful is how YOU define and see it. Once you determine what being successful is to you then set a path/strategy on how you will get there and seek out people who can help you get there. Once you have your plan/strategy...add a whole lot of self motivation/confidence, drive /determination, hard work and consistency be successful. As well as add kindness to/for yourself as the road to being successful is full of peaks and valleys. Best of luck!
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Neha’s Answer

Along with all the wonderful answers above, here is a piece of advise I was given - be confident, even when you don't know things. I was told by a fellow female colleague who was present with me in a few meetings, that the volume of my voice reduced when I was talking about something I didn't know, or didn't finish, or was stuck at. Whereas in the same meeting, my fellow male colleagues would mention something that they are stuck at or couldn't finish, loudly with confidence. It was almost as if I felt guilty and remorse of not completing it. She advised me to raise my voice and be confident, whether I know the answer or not, whether I am giving positive update or negative, whether I completed something or I am stuck at it.
I feel there are several of us out there who have this behavior, since this comes naturally to some women, That is one change I brought in myself to be successful as a woman.
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Andrea E’s Answer

It's important to listen to colleagues, subject matter experts, and management. It's more important to listen than to talk but don't be afraid to ask questions.
When meeting in person, make eye contact and be receptive to what they are saying. Try not to assume or judge situations or people. Be cognizant that others don't have your life experiences and may be approaching you or the work from a different place.
Do your research and trust yourself. Don't let others discourage you from participating, providing your insights, or recommendations.
When you have staff, assist them in progressing in their careers. Guide them as necessary, and encourage them to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone. Let them know that you are there to help them succeed; Earn their trust and always be truthful.
Understand your company's mission and strategies, and culture. Volunteer for projects, to mentor, etc.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you feel that you have done something for the right reasons but the results were wrong, accept and learn from them and move on. Don't dwell on your mistakes, but try not to make the same mistake again. Be cognizant if your employees make the same mistakes more than once. It may be indicative of a larger issue: They don't understand their work, they aren't careful, they are distracted, or they don't care. Help them where you can, and reach out to Human Resources (HR) when the issue is outside your purview.
Continue your education in whatever form that means for a given skill and be receptive to learning new skills that may take you in a different direction professionally.
If you witness something that is inappropriate within the work environment, say something. Tell your manager, HR, Compliance, or Legal. Don't assume that someone else will step forward. If the issue doesn't involve your manager, discuss it with your manager first.
It's not always easy being a woman in the professional world, you will need to develop a thick skin, but don't ever downplay you being mistreated or second guess your response. Again, if you have questions, talk to your manager or HR. Ideally, if there is a strong successful woman in the company who isn't in your area, ask if she will mentor you.
Embrace change and hire people who embrace change. Change in the business world is constant and it's critical that you can adjust your mindset, work, your environment, etc.
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Elena’s Answer

Be confident in yourself and always pay attention to detail. Make sure that everything you do at work is error free and that those around you know they can rely on your work.
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Luciana’s Answer

Hi Kayalane, to be a success businesswoman you have to build yourself confidence! That is the most important thing! And this confidence comes with time and doing good things.
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Frank’s Answer

One key to being successful is having a growth mindset. You will never 'know it all' or 'learn it all'. You must keep learning throughout your life. There are many different things you can do, including pursuing a professional certification, reading a book, benchmarking with peers, and joining professional organizations. The more you learn, the more successful you will be in your role, and the more others will seek you out. As you become a 'go-to' person, you'll get more opportunities to coach and lead others. When those you coach and lead succeed, it elevates your success even more.