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Why did you become a biochemist?

I'm curious because it's for an assignment I'm working on. bio-chemist chemistry bio-chemistry science

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3 answers

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Gustavo’s Answer

Hi Theresa, hope you're alright.

I am not a Biochemist, I am a Chemist.

Look, in my case in particular, since I was a child I had already shown a disposition for Chemistry, I always invented my experiments with food, ointments, medicines and everything else... (my mother didn't like very much Kkkkk). When I started to have chemistry at school, I saw that this disposition to this subject was maintained, and as this scientific side was always in me, when I went through the process to enter the university I chose Chemistry because I knew I already wanted to go to the Research part. . In short, I chose Chemistry for respecting what life gave me as a predisposition, I valued it remembering my time as a child and I don't regret it. Life always gives us a sign of something we like to do, I suggest you pay attention and respect that.
I hope I have helped you, I suggest that you always assess your taste for the profession with the job market, as the two walk side by side. Success on your journey. My best regards.
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Nusrat’s Answer


I am a Biochem and Mol Biol background and I work as a Microbiologist in industry. I love Biochem because it combines elements of Biology and Chemistry that I was interested in when I wanted to learn about Biotechnology and Food Sciences. It gave enough foundation to learn about both because honestly I was not super passionate on learning about Biology or Chemistry at an in depth level but when combined it was interesting!

Hope this was helpful :-)
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Neha’s Answer

I am not a biochemist, but some of the reasons why I see someone being one are -

- You are interested in biology and related fields in general, like health, nutrition, botany, etc
- You want to learn more about life sciences, molecular structures, and anything that makes up living beings
- You are interested in conducting and coordinating research in this field and make contributions to it.
- You want to work in an industry that is related to life sciences research, like pharma & medicines, genetic research, biomedical instruments, etc.

Hope I gave you some perspective!