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Is there a well paying job that involves writing and music that is not journalism?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

I make music and I love writing and I just want to be able to do both in my daily life, so I wanted to know if there is a job that incorporates both and also pays well. #music #art #money #writing #english #creative

2 answers

Leslie’s Answer

Updated Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One thing that comes to mind is ethnomusicology. Ethnomusicologists do all kinds of different things, but, in general, ethnomusicology involves studying music and society. For example, I know somebody who studies how marching bands in New Orleans schools affect the quality of schools. I know somebody else who studies the music of Dave Brubeck and his life. In general, ethnomusicology is when you listen to and focus on music but also connect it to society and culture and write about it. You would need to go to graduate school to do this.

I'm sure there are other careers, but I can't think of any more right now. Good luck!

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California

Yes! Absolutely. Not all writers are journalists, and not all are "starving artists"! If you love music and you love writing, you could consider becoming a copywriter at a music-related company, or a company that sells a music product. Think: Apple (iTunes, Apple Music), Pandora, Sony Music Entertainment, Guitar Center, etc. There are tons of companies out there that need writers who are knowledgable and passionate about music to write authentic, credible copy for marketing materials, websites, social media and more. Side note: "copywriter" is a fancy word for a writer who works on marketing and advertising materials, like magazine ads, websites, product packaging and more. And yes, copywriters make pretty good money!