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What types of journalism is there?

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3 answers

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Alex’s Answer

Hi, Sofia.

There are all sorts of journalism! It may be helpful to break it down by both format and area of coverage.

For instance, regarding format, there's print, online, radio, broadcast, short-form & long-form, et. cetera.

Regarding area of expertise, it can be anything! There's investigative, political, crime, business, arts, travel, celebrity, sports – pretty much anything you can think of that exists in the world, there's a need for people to write about it.

If you are interested in getting into journalism, it may be helpful to think about your general interests. E.g., if you are interested in travel, you can then consider what formats you'd like to be involved in.

I hope this helps!
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Yumi’s Answer

Hi Sofia - Broadly speaking, I think there are five types of journalism - news, feature writing, columns, reviews and investigative. News journalism reports facts and information in an accurate and unopinionated manner. Time spent on communicating is rather shot. You see this type of journalism in daily news at 6.00 p.m, for example. Feature journalism covers an issue in deeper scale than a news story. Column journalist uses columnist's own voices using her/his personal style to give commentary and opinions. Review journalism provides facts about the subject and offers honest opinions of / recommendation for the object. Investigative journalism involves long time (could be multiple years) of research / interviews in an effort to uncover truth about a particular topic. Hope this helps in exploring your career interests in journalism.
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Keith’s Answer

In terms of formats there are 3 big ones. Writing, video and pictures. Most journalists do all 3 now but some may specialize in 1 or 2. Then there are different areas of journalism, here are some:
Lifestyle- features etc