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What is a day in the life of a chemist like?

All through high school I have been interested in the topic of chemistry. I was just wondering what a chemist does and how it helps the environment or community or what you do on a daily basis. #chemistry #science #day-in-the-life #stem #women-in-stem

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2 answers

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edmond’s Answer

It will depend on what kind of chemist you want to be!

Do you want to do "wet chemistry"? In that case you will be in a lab, working with test tubes and assays.
Do you want to be an "industrial chemist"? In that case you'll run large-scale chemistry operations such as in a refinery
Do you want to do "computational chemistry"? In that case you will be in front of a computer running virtual experiments and computations
There are also other hybrid disciplines. It just depends on what you choose.

In any case chemistry is a fascinating subject. Good luck and enjoy.

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Nishant’s Answer

Hello - This depends on what level you are in the company or university. Most likely you will start by just running the experiments that other people will design for you and they will analyze the results. Then afterwards you do all design, test and analyze. Then you lead team of scientists as manager and do desk job. Above transition will take 6-8 years.