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Which do you find better when it comes to the pharmacy world, working in a research lab or a pharmacy in a drug store/hospital?

Asked Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

I have been accepted into a pre-pharmacy program and I am hoping to finish school with a Pharm-D. I feel that a research lab will be better for me because I want to help in finding things like the cure to cancer or the cure to Alzheimer's and I believe that the cure is in medicine. I want to know what its like from different viewpoints and which, in the long run, will be better for me. #medicine #research #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmacist #medical-research #laboratory #pharmd

3 answers

London Doyoung’s Answer

Updated San Diego, California
Megan, it doesn't always have to be one way or the other. You could incorporate those two if you are going into a clinical route in hospital. After pharmacy school, you have an option to pursue residency, and this could be a chance to be involved in research. Are you currently involved in any research currently? If not, you should try to get in reach with professors who are conducting research in your interest. This would greatly help you in continuing education as a researcher and a clinician in the future.

Bruno E.’s Answer

Both areas of pharmacy practice that you mention would help mankind. It may depend on whether you prefer to interact with people in say a retail or hospital pharmacy setting; or interact in a more compact area, such as in a research lab, with your teammates. Best wishes in whichever path you choose to follow.

Melida’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas
Megan: I agree with the previous answer as to it would be great to be accredited in both fields. However, to me, it sounds like you would be happier doing research to help find cures for people. i believe that you would be making such a difference in all the lives that you will be affecting in either profession that you choose....Best of luck to you, and remember to follow your true passion!