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Emon D. May 21, 2016 467 views

As a chemistry major, what would be the best internships to aquire as a future pharmacist?

I am currently in school to obtain a bachelor's in chemistry. I plan on studying pharmacy in graduate school, and I would love more insight on my future endevours. #medicine #pre-med #chemistry #pharmacy...


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Alexa D. May 24, 2016 541 views

Will pharmacists get prescribing rights?

The prescribing rights have increased for both physician assistants and for nurses in the hospital setting. Today, pharmacists are still mostly confined to the pharmacy, and there are less pharmacists that are going from room to room and checking on patients. I believe that this will most...

#pharmacy #rights #prescribing #pharmacists #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #prescription

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Julia J. Oct 18, 2016 423 views

As a pharmacist, is dealing with the public a tedious part of your job? Will being a pharmacist put me in any danger because of the people who want their medicine?

My father has insisted that I should look into pharmacy. I'm willing to give it a shot. I worked in a pharmacy for one summer, and I realize my experience could be different from others who have also worked in a pharmacy. There was once a gunman in my pharmacy, and it really terrified me. I was...


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Megan G. Oct 30, 2016 551 views

Which do you find better when it comes to the pharmacy world, working in a research lab or a pharmacy in a drug store/hospital?

I have been accepted into a pre-pharmacy program and I am hoping to finish school with a Pharm-D. I feel that a research lab will be better for me because I want to help in finding things like the cure to cancer or the cure to Alzheimer's and I believe that the cure is in medicine. I want to...

#pharmacy #medicine #medical-research #pharmacists #research #laboratory #pharmd #pharmacist

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Jessica P. Jan 24, 2018 513 views

Do you have to love you job?

Does anyone really love what they do? #lovemyjob #career-counseling...