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How could I become a better writer?

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4 answers

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Jon’s Answer

Hi Jasmine, Jon here. I studied creative non-fiction writing in college and now am a project manager in the tech industry. While these two things may not seem related, the truth is that writing is a form of communication that is used in a variety of places, and good writing skills can take you far in many places.

Two recommendations I have are:

1. Find a subject that interests you, and read! I found out I enjoy reading fiction, so I read a lot of classic literary novels as well as some modern ones (I really enjoy Haruki Murakami’s books). This will help improve your writing without you ever realizing it.

2. When writing, think first about your audience. Try to imagine who they are, what they like, etc. Because writing is a form of communication, it’s important to consider who will be receiving the message, and how they would interpret it.

While there are many other tips, I have found these two to be essential in my writing career, whether that’s writing non-fiction stories for classes or writing business emails in the workplace.
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Payton’s Answer

Practice really makes perfect, here! Try writing loads of different genres, use prompts, and most importantly, share your work with others so that you can grow! I know that writing can be a hard art to share; we get embarrassed or worry that we aren't good at what we do. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and it certainly wasn't built without any mistakes.

Don't be discouraged when things don't turn out how you want them to. Success isn't linear, and it is always a work in progress!
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Deborah’s Answer

In order to become a good writer you first need to understand the topic on which you need to write as it gives you a clear picture what you are aiming at .
the more clear your vision will be the better your story will be and the more easily it will reach to the users.
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Melina’s Answer

I believe in order to write, you need to have a broad horizon. And this comes back to reading wide amount of material.
You need to find what you are truly passionate about, and you will start writing and writing and there is no stop. I used to write short thriller and horror stories back in high school. I read so many books on horror, mystery, crime and thriller. Without me realizing, I wrote short stories, every time, even when the teacher was teaching! My short stories became popular among my friends and they borrowed my diary back home to read.
I no longer write, but I no longer read as much as I used to read too.
Writing is fun and it unleashes your creativity. Good luck.