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Is it better to attend a 2-year university than a 4-year university if you're unsure about college?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I haven't decided yet, what type of school I would like to attend and I haven't established how I would pay for the college. So I was wondering if attending a two year university first is better. #college-admissions #college-bound #college-selection

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Joseph’s Answer

Updated Orlando, Florida
I attended 2 community colleges prior to going to a 4 year university. This benefited me in many ways both financially and helping me figure out what the right path was for me. When I began my college education I was interested in Information Technology so I pursued an Associates Degree of Science for IT. This was great because it helped me realize I did not want to pursue a career specifically in technology but it remained an area of interest for me. Once I completed this degree I decided to get into a education path more focused on Economics. Unfortunately most of my credits from the Associates of Science did not transfer to an Associates of Arts but this gave me an opportunity to take courses I otherwise would not have been exposed to. Once I finished my Associates of Arts I transferred to a very highly respected 4 year school and was able to get scholarships and grants that paid my full tuition. This diversity in education has led to a wonderful career which has utilized both my IT education and Economics. My career was not necessarily planned but it perfectly aligns with my education. If you are unsure of about your college or career goals I can't think of any good reason not to attend a community college first. It's a great lower cost and lower risk way to try out what interests you. It also typically doesn't come with the distractions of a four year college since you likely wouldn't be living on campus. I would also recommend looking at temp agency jobs as working in an entry level position at a company or in a career path you may be interested in gives you a very good idea if it's right for you. It also builds your network which is probably the single most important way to build your career.