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What do you need to start a school newspaper?

I'm a junior in high school. #journalism #help #newspaper

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3 answers

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Holly’s Answer

Hello what a wonderful question. One great reason is information to the students about classes and campus events, any school news,news, and information. That is such a great idea. Look what Zukemberg did with facebook at his college? What a nice idea. You will do well with creative thinking. Look for unique stories, and get an insight to the happenings on campus so you can publish accuratly. Good luck with that you will make a wonderful journalist. You will have an editor to help you with the process in you want to help with the publishing of the document or news information. They will guide you no worries. Volunteer for the position while in college. Good luck on your new career path!

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Kate’s Answer

Hi Mariana,

It's great you're thinking about starting a school newspaper! I did a little bit of work on our school paper back in high school and I had a great time and learned a lot. At most schools, you need a teacher to serve as an adviser for student groups. Do you know any English or history teachers who might be willing to help? I suggest that as a first step, you may want to talk to a teacher to see if they'll consider being your adviser and helping you get started.

Once the group is approved by the school, you can put up posters, submit announcements for the school PA system, or otherwise spread the word about your new club. You will likely want to have weekly meetings to brainstorm article topics, and then assign them to specific students to research and write. You or another student can serve as the paper's editor, perhaps with help from your adviser.

Good luck! I hope you're able to get a school newspaper started and you have fun with this.


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Nariman’s Answer

Talk to your English teacher to see what the procedure is for starting a school newspaper. You will need a few student-writers, perhaps a teacher as an adviser, a copy-editor and so on. Doing it online will be the easiest such as a blog. If you want to do it the hard-copy format, then you will definitely need the input of your teacher. Alternately, you can see if another organization has a newspaper of sorts and just join that.