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How do i become an interior designer and a real estate agent?

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2 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

Being both an interior designer and a real estate agent is a great combination.

For interior design, it is not essential, but there is in an increasing interest in individuals to have formal education. Some programs are 4 year programs or 2 year programs. I found this site that might help for program options:

While finishing your schooling either high school or college, some people work as an intern at a local interior design company, even for free. A lot of companies might not be able to hire you, but if you can find a way, there are a lot of people need help and this could provide great experience to put on a college resume as well as get some insight into what a typical day would be. If you are a hard worker, sometimes these positions turn into a small position or the company can be a reference for another company as well. Networking is really helpful in getting your resume to the top of the list for hiring companies.

To be a real estate agent, doesn't take a formal education, but there is a pre-licensing course that will help pass the licensing exam.
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Pro’s Answer

If you have multiple interests, you might try an Interdisciplinary, Liberal Studies, or General Studies major, that will let you combine multiple interests. Or an Individually Designed major that you can even name yourself.