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what are the interview questions when you are a flight attendant

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3 answers

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Tiffany’s Answer

Hi there! Have you tried Glassdoor? You can see some interview questions for flight attendants such as:

- Situation: If you were working and there was a passenger complaining about sitting next to someone of a different race, how would you handle it?
- Tell me about a time when your job was frustrating and what did you do about it?
- Create a PA Announcement for couple celebrating their 50th year anniversary
- Give us an example of a choice you made to go above and beyond what was needed to satisfy a customer. What was the situation? What actions did you take and what were the results?
- Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer and how did you handle it?

Good luck on your interview!
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Brandon’s Answer


I'm not a flight attendant myself, but I would assume that the flight attendant interview questions would be the same as if you applied for a normal job at a company. Generally they will most likely ask questions like, "why do you want to work at our company", "what would you do under this specific situation", and "how do you think that you will perform in this line of business and what qualifications do you have". It will be the general questions that makes the interviewee need to think about their own skills and research the position.

Here is a link that may help out:
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Shraddha’s Answer

You will be asked many different types of questions, but ultimately they will be asked to gauge your level of intelligence and communication skills. There will be questions regarding your knowledge of the aviation industry and your responsibilities as a member of the cabin crew. Furthermore, you will be expected to answer questions regarding real-life situations and how you would respond to them as a crew. Whether you succeed or fail in your interview depends on how well you present yourself.
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