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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-Introverts(Usually not the one to approach people or start a conversation)
-Hate presenting in front of a big crowds
-Love cats
- like Music and the piano
-Love to read especially romance novels music introvert pets

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4 answers

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Michael’s Answer

If you're asking about yourself, I would suggest working to identify what you value and what your skills are. Ideally, your career will be a combination of both of those though, to begin with, it may just focus on one. Think about what motivates you to work hard (enjoy a subject, collaborating on a team, etc.) then research what jobs perform that type of work. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and are good starting points for identifying jobs and roles.
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Mahadev’s Answer

The answer to this question depends on individual personality, experience, life path chosen and vision. Short term goals like career growth, Balance in career & personal life, personality development becomes top priority.
1. A sports person would want to be in top list and to be part of world cup.
2. A creative minded personal would want to open a new org and bring his/her ideas to most valuable consumable to the society.
3. A technical person would want to become an individual with technical expertise in various technologies/domains.
4. A spiritual person would want to attain highest level of stillness for ultimate liberation.
5. A photographer would dream to click the best photo and become famous photographer in wild life/social/any other of their interest.
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Praful’s Answer

i am introvert too but i never think of where do i see myself in next 5/10 years

basically i always create short term goals and then i complete those goals or not, i adapt to any ongoing situation and then create add on to those goals

i always try to keep it calm and simple and just go with the flow of life peacefully
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Chantelle’s Answer

In five years, I see myself having finished both my associates and my bachelors and likely in my masters program, and I also see myself having published many works surrounding psychology and sociology.