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Rachel Aug 15, 2021 689 views

Education for an AI research path?

I am a freshman at UT dallas and I am majoring in software engineering. My goal is to work in AI and artificial engineering in the future. Is the path I'm on right now good for the field I want to get into in the future, or should I change my major? Also do you have any advice on how to look...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jul 08, 2021 588 views

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-Introverts(Usually not the one to approach people or start a conversation)
-Hate presenting in front of a big crowds
-Love cats
- like Music and the piano
-Love to read especially romance novels #music #introvert #pets

christian’s Avatar
christian Aug 06, 2021 365 views

what is a great job

i like videogaming sleeping i wsih to become a Doctor #doctor

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 27, 2020 476 views

How would i go about starting a business?

ive wanted to do this for awhile after i graduate and retire from the military and wanted to know how difficult it is and if its worth trying

#business #career

Baby joy’s Avatar
Baby joy Jan 28, 2021 6089 views

What are some practice interview questions?


Grace’s Avatar
Grace Mar 15, 2021 7568 views

How many surgeries do surgeons complete in an average week?

#medicine #surgeon

shilpa’s Avatar
shilpa Mar 22, 2021 22942 views

how to create a good cover letter and some sample cover letters too

#college-applications #university-applications

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 5635 views

What inspired you to become and engineer or another STEM related career?

#engineering #stem #material-engineering #stemcareers #electrical-engineering #chemical-engineering

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Apr 22, 2021 714 views

what is it like working on computers

i like working on tech an am looking to see what it would be like to work on tech #tech

ayuni’s Avatar
ayuni Apr 10, 2021 55973 views

What is the difference between CV and resume?

#resume #CV

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Jul 08, 2021 438 views

What does it take for advancement in this work environment ?is it experience or is it time withing the company?

I'm going for a skill trade in construction, I want to be a doer rather than a helper. but the question is universal meaning it apply's for any job. experience or time in ? #job #business #career

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Aug 13, 2021 6725 views

What to ask when student teaching?

I'm going to start student teaching pretty soon and I wanted to know what to look for or like what to ask the teacher that I'm student teaching with. Also how was your experience with student teaching, what should I avoid? #teaching #education #teacher #student #college