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How hard is is to start a business?

I would love to be a veterinarian one day and start my own business that lets me make medicines for domesticated pets. Animals Business Medicine vet veterinary-medicine veterinarian

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2 answers

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Hassan’s Answer

You'd need lots of money and the right licenses to start a business that makes medicines. This would be a huge challenge since medicines are heavily regulated and very large companies own the market. I'd compare it to starting a new car company. It'd be a real challenge to compete with Ford and GM.

So maybe focus on doing research to discover new drugs and then sell those to an existing drug maker.,new%20pharmaceutical%20product%20for%20livestock. says it takes 6.5 years and $22.5mil to bring a new drug to market. outlines the approval process.

Also, to develop medicines, you may want to focus more on pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, biology, and chemistry rather than becoming a vet.
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Vamsi’s Answer

Echoing Hassan's answer that drug manufacturing is highly regulated and difficult business to start. But it is not impossible! I would also recommend that you pick up internship/job in pet pharmaceutical companies and learn the trade and professional network which will enable you to start the business.