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Is it worth taking out student loans for graduate school programs? Will I ever be out of debt?

Currently applying to graduate schools. Private school programs are so expensive. #college #graduate-school #scholarships #student-loans #debt #graduate-recruitment

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2 answers

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Alyse’s Answer

It very much has to do with what you are majoring in. Some fields may not require a graduate degree in order to be successful while others do. If you are in a technical field, undergrad plus some certifications may do better than graduate school. If you are able to work with your undergrad you can work for a bit and save money for tuition while looking for grant money. You might also be able to find a job somewhere that can train you up, get your certified, or may even pay for your graduate program. I know of some who were in technical and medical Fields that have done that for them.

Some very good advice given ... also keep in mind that an advanced degree with little work experience may hinder you getting hired as in some positions pay grade are keyed to education / training level. Georganne Shibata

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Ken’s Answer

Depending on your major. I would advise working in your field for a time to be sure that you really need an advanced degree. Many times you really do not need one and many times an employer will help for pay for one if needed. Do not rush into borrowing money for something you do not need. Let me know if this helps. I would like to know more about situation.

I am applying to occupational therapy graduate school programs. To become an occupational therapist, it is required to get a masters or doctorate and then to take a certification exam. Debra Z.

It would be very helpful for you to talk to people working in your field to get some inside info. It would be a good idea to also talk to people in the professional organization to which people In your field belong to get to get more info. There might even be scholarships avsilsble. Also go to fastweb.com to look for internships and scholsrships. Keep me informed. Ken Simmons

Thank you! Debra Z.

People are in a helpful and festive mood during the holidays. Start talking to as many people as you can as soon as you can. Helpful information and assistance will come unexpectedly. Ken Simmons

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