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How to have a flexible caeer

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3 answers

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Mamadou’s Answer

Hi Theodore,

What careers offer the most flexibility?

80 of the Most Flexible Jobs That Also Pay Well
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Kylee’s Answer


It depends on what kind of flexibility you are seeking in a job. Hours, work-life balance, locations, etc. What are you looking for? If you are looking for flexible location positions, anything travel-related will provide you with flexible locations rather than fixed ones. If you want to work flexible hours, that will depend on the field you go into. For example, some trade positions will have you work 3 weeks-month and then get 2-3 weeks off. While on the other hand, business/office jobs have you working the typical 9-5 Mondays-Fridays. In today's world, there are many freelance jobs that allow you to work your own hours, in any location, but require a lot of motivation to make a profit. For example, youtuber, app developer, writer, influencer, etc. I would recommend exploring more on what career field you are interested in, and then you can dive deeper into the company's flexibility options.
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Rebecca’s Answer

It depends on the career nature. Also, what kind of flexibility you are looking for? Are you looking for flexible working hours or locations or something else?
For example, for a receptionist or cashier, some company may offer a flexible working hour but you must work in fixed location. On the other hand, for some clerical work, there is fixed working hour but you can work from home.
Nowadays, there are some freelance jobs that you can completely decided your own working hour, locations, e.g. youtuber, app developer, writer, etc. In fact, you can do one or more aforementioned careers at the same time. It really depends on your interest and your expectation.
You may explore more on what career you are interested and you would like develop in the future. Bear in mind developing a career is long term planning for your life, you should not simply consider on its flexibility only.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!