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Theodore Jul 26, 2021 347 views

How to have a flexible caeer

I love #creative-writing #football #basketball #art

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Ja’Nae Jul 27, 2021 273 views

How to make sure I Graduate highschool?

As a start my grades started to job to help me . I had someone who would will help me but we are not on speaking terms. I’m not the best at school and I just wanna make sure I pass so it feels like I don’t wanna have to ask anyone for help. #highschool # trying to do better

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DD Jul 18, 2021 637 views

Business Management and Administration

Why is it said that the business courses and professional Opportunities are being oversaturated for ? Is it really true? #business-management #management #business

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Naaima Jul 15, 2021 441 views

How should I get involved during the summer?

I am in 9th grade and want to get into a college like UCLA majoring in psychology. I wanted to do something specific to my interests of psychology this summer but I am lost. I have asked my sister and other family to help but they clearly did not do much. What should I do this summer that you...

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Lauren Jan 24, 2018 642 views

Is it better to take time off right out of college?

What are your thoughts on this? A lot of people have asked me if I am going to take a gap year or go backpacking for a few months. I'd like to know if there is a way to make this travel experience relevant to PR and maybe find a way to use it as a work experience type of thing. Thoughts? #PR...

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Mercedes Jun 16, 2021 414 views

What are some suggested careers for someone who is interested in traveling, writing, and nutrition? (Not my only interests but just a few)

I am attending community college right now as a liberal arts major (I am currently in my second year but I have to obtain all of the required classes, credits, and I want to raise my GPA). #college #career #college-major #writer #writing #nutrition #travel #traveling