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which subject is needed for computer programming

My name is Mathias, i just finished my secondary school and i want to study computer programming and didn't know the subject they will ask for in the university. i also want to know the best university in Nigeria to study computer engineering. #computer-software #computer #programming #software-development #computer-games

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Most employers require at least an associate’s degree for computer programming jobs. Colleges and universities offer a variety of degrees related to computer programming, such as computer science. Coursework includes general academic studies such as English and history, as well as computer science coursework, which includes data structures and algorithms, programming languages and software engineering design processes.

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I can't really help you with picking schools in Nigeria, but I can talk about computer programming. For the most part, computer programming is covered by Computer Science degrees at universities. It is its own discipline. To take it back a step, successful computer programmers are usually comfortable with the various areas of mathematics: algebra, calculus, arrays, trigonometry, etc. A successful programmer also has a knack for logic. So if you can organize a number of flowing processes in your head and see where they are headed and what they will need, you should be ready for a computer science degree.

Beyond that, there is the question of what programming languages and data structures are available at the various schools and which ones will best serve your needs. If you are interested in network programming, that will focus on some things that are not important for say database programming, which would differ from mobile programming. So have a plan in your head as you make these decisions. It might change once you get to school, but having an altered plan is better than having no plan.

Good luck, --Kevin

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