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Is nursing school hard and long?

I'm a sophmore in high school and im curious. #medicine #registered-nurses #nurse #nursing #healthcare

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3 answers

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LINDA’s Answer

I have been a nurse for over 30 years, and I will say that it is one the most meaningful aspects of my life. You should definitely consider nursing as a career. When you decide that, you will be committed to do what it takes to succeed. Do not focus on the difficult aspect, rather, put emphasis on what you will be providing to patients and their families. Yes, it will be challenging at times in school, but that is the case in everything that is worthwhile. Imagine the impact and added value that you will provide someone during their time of illness. I remember nursing school being overwhelming at times, but my curiosity and desire to make a difference in caring for the sick kept me going. You can do this because there are many more before you who have done it and so can you!

LINDA recommends the following next steps:

Volunteer at a healthcare facility.
Talk with the school nurse to see what they do.
Shadow a nurse for a day.
Attend a nurse career day at your local hospital.
Look at nursing programs for the prerequisite classes to see if spikes an interest.

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Rahul’s Answer

Nursing as a career is highly respected, in high demand, and can pay well. There are many levels to nursing but 2-4 years after high school is the average amount of additional schooling needed. One can also specialize in certain fields that may require a little more time. Yes, nursing school can be difficult. Although, it is a very rewarding career that will always be in demand no matter where you would like to live.

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Cori’s Answer

Nursing school is challenging but extremely rewarding. In addition to the classroom requirements, you will also need significant additional training to perfect your bedside clinical skills, including physical assessment and procedures like IV's, and treatments. It's the perfect mix of science and art. There are several potential tracks like Informatics and Research within the discipline of nursing, for different potential candidates.

The duration of education varies, with Associate degrees taking approximately 2 years and 4 years for a Bachelor's Degree. There are also advanced degrees possible, such as a Master's, PhD or DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice).