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Maddie Jun 28, 2021 682 views

How might I seek to balance motherhood and a demanding work schedule as a female interested in medicine?

Hello! My name is Madeline Tinskey, and I am very interested in pursuing a medical career, perhaps in neurology or as an OBGYN. I am an upcoming junior in high school, and enjoy learning and sharing information with others.

#medicine #healthcare #motherhood #femaledoctor #doctor #obgyn #neurologist

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Mar 05, 2018 827 views

How do you choose what nursing field is best for you??


Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Aug 01, 2018 929 views

Which California university has the best nursing program?

I've read multiple articles but I want to hear from you guys :) #college #Nursingschool #BSN

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Dasia Jun 28, 2021 837 views

I want to be a Rn , what steps should I take first to doing so ?

#nursing #registered-nurses

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 08, 2022 611 views

What is a challenge you faced when studying nursing?

Well right now, I'm a Junior in high school and trying to get more advice over nursing.

Brylane’s Avatar
Brylane Apr 18, 2018 839 views

Getting married in college: yes or no?

I think it would be super cool and nice to have a supportive, permanent study partner, but I'd like to hear from someone actually doing it. #marriage #college #married-in-college

Ki'Rstyn’s Avatar
Ki'Rstyn Aug 03, 2021 853 views

Is nursing school hard and long?

I'm a sophmore in high school and im curious. #medicine #registered-nurses #nurse #nursing #healthcare

K'eonna’s Avatar
K'eonna Oct 08, 2021 814 views

What kind of college classes would I have to take to become a traveling nurse ?

#collegelife #nursingschool #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Deana’s Avatar
Deana May 25, 2016 888 views

Is it best to have a study group or buddy when in nursing school?

I want to become an RN but do not have the best studying habits. What has been the best way for you to study? #nursing #nursing-education

Annalise’s Avatar
Annalise Mar 26, 2020 672 views

I have ptsd, anxiety, anger issues, and depression. But I would like to be in the nursing field what is the best career for me?

#nursing #nursing-education

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Leah Oct 21, 2015 1934 views

How many years are required for neonatal nursing?

I would like to know how many years I would be spending in college #nursing #nursing-education #neonatal

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie May 20, 2016 897 views

what is the best advice for someone who is about to start a nursing program?

Hi my name is Stephanie and I will be starting a nursing program in fall. #nursing #nurse #nursing-education #neonatal

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Apr 19, 2022 568 views

Schooling options

Which program prepares you more for the nursing degree. A 1+2+1 SUNY/Nursing program to earn your bachelor's degree or should you do 2 years RN first then 2 years earning your bachelor's degree.

calin’s Avatar
calin Feb 06, 2019 662 views

What was it like getting through everything to become a registered nurse?

#registered-nurses #nursing #nurses #medicine #nurse # #healthcare

Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Dec 13, 2017 1252 views

What are some tips for getting into nursing school?

#nursing-education #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #registerednurse #nursing #nurses #nurse #nursingschool #medicine