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How do i get into acting

i wanna be an actor even a voice actor or maybe an animator. its hard to understand but I can probably hit it hard at acting but i need help and I don't know where to start. art acting

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2 answers

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Carlos’s Answer

Hello, Harold C.
To get into acting it requires a lot of hard work and training but this is not to scare you! Acting is a beautiful career to pursue. To get into acting my recommendation is watch a lot of actor or your favorite actor interview of how they started into it. It can give you a lot of ideas. But one of the main things here is preparation. Preparation will open a lot of doors. Get trainings on locals school or online there’s a lot of good acting training videos on YouTube. Studies some acting techniques and also practice at home.

Carlos recommends the following next steps:

Prepare yourself
Watch your favorite actor interview
Read about acting
Get training in person or online
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Nishita’s Answer

Start practising dialogues doing it facing to the mirror will help you out with the expressions. Then go for auditions.. Get used to rejection keep trying and you will succeed one day.