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Harold’s Avatar
Harold Aug 03, 2021 383 views

How do i get into acting

i wanna be an actor even a voice actor or maybe an animator. its hard to understand but I can probably hit it hard at acting but i need help and I don't know where to start. #art #acting

Laney’s Avatar
Laney Sep 13, 2021 344 views

What is the most rewarding thing about teaching?

#teaching #teacher #education

lexi’s Avatar
lexi Sep 14, 2021 323 views

do flight schools prefer you go to collage

i love to travle and see new things. i love food and playin sports im a very active person. #sports

Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia Aug 30, 2018 726 views

How do you manage to work and study in college?

#CollegeLife #Studying

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Aug 31, 2021 383 views

What is the average salary of an animator?

I like anime and art? #art #anime

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Aug 31, 2021 357 views

What are some requirements to become a 2D animator?

I like anime and art. #art #anime

David’s Avatar
David Sep 10, 2021 375 views

What should I do to improve my art skills on digital and paper?

#animation #art #fine-art I wanna be an animator and I am just 15 trying to accomplish my goals.