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I don't know what to start doing to figure what I want to pursue.

I want to be my own boss and to also invest in the stock market. business marketing career

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8 answers

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Alejandra’s Answer

The best advice I've ever received is to take specific time to understand what I like. Write it down and from there turn it into a plan.

For this, I recommend:

1) Sit in the place that you like the most, a park, a coffee shop, a special place in your house.
Bring a notebook, colored pens, headphones with good music.

You are going to give yourself a space of at least an hour without distractions.

And you are going to make three lists:
- What would you like to be.
- What would you like to have.
- You want to do.

** Think of "being" from the smallest to the largest. Example: I want to be an origami expert, I want to be an inventor, I want to be a father, etc.
** Think of "doing", having a life experience. Example: I want to take a balloon trip, I want to take a trip to the desert, I want to take a trip to Africa, I want to make my own home.
** Think of "having", of everything you want to have at some point in your life. Example: have a dog, I want to have an old age in the mountains, I want to have a house in front of the beach, I want to have good friends, I want to have my own company.

2) You can change, modify, add whatever you need to that list. Keep it close, visible.

3) Every day after that, set three (3) objectives per day. No matter how big or small you want to go. Ensure that you list them at the beginning of your day (or in the previous night), and put yourself the target to complete the full 3 at the end of your day. Do not go to sleep without finishing those. Do not add more than 3.

You will start with simple stuff like: Today A) Clean my room, B) Call a friend that I didn't heart about in a long time, C) Laundry time.
Once you set the daily habit, you will add objectives related to the bucket list (action item 1.), and more complex you will add to those objectives in order to make it work.

Try it! and let me know if I can help with further ideas.
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Zhebei’s Answer

Do you know why you want to be your own boss and to invest in the stock market? It seems that you already made a decision. I happen to know some entrepreneurs and self-employed people. I can share with you their rationale. Some of them enjoy the freedom and not being managed by others; some like the flexibility of working hours; some are passionate about developing new products and services without corporate constraints. Others worked in big companies in their earlier careers and became self-employed later on. In reality, whether you have a boss or not, you can't work in any setting without constraints. So prepare for that.

If you plan to invest in the stock market using your own money or managing other people's money, you'll have to be very good at investing and money management, including risk management. Investing in stock market is quite selective, and only top players get to stay in the field for a long time.

Since you don't know what to start, I suggest that you try as many roles as you can to help you figure out. Most companies offer graduate trainee programs. You get to rotate in 2-3 roles while being a trainee. In addition, most companies offer on-site and virtual training courses. You'll know what you like or dislike by taking courses focusing on different job functions.
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Jack’s Answer

Hi Jiayi,

It’s great that you’re interested in the stock market! To get started, try paper trading – it’s a way to practice without risking real money.

Make a sheet to track your trade ideas. For example, if you think Nike ($NKE) will go up, write down the date (9/15/21), the price ($157.27), & the number of shares you would buy (maybe 1). Wait some time, then check to see if your trade would have been profitable or not. By practicing on paper before risking real money, you’ll be able to see what strategies work (& just as important, what strategies don’t work).

Most brokerages will let you buy fractional shares. If you don’t have the confidence or funds to buy an entire $NKE share for $157, consider buying 10% for $15.70

It takes patience & discipline to do well in the market, but anyone can do it. Good luck!
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Brandon’s Answer

I would suggest making a list of what it is that you like doing, and another list of what you dislike doing. For both of these lists write down what it is specifically that you like and/or dislike about these types of things and why. Doing this will help you narrow down some careers that you might choose to pursue in the future.

Another suggestion is to speak to a academic advisor at your school or a counselor. Typically they can help guide you through any problems that is involving finding out what to do, especially if it is something local.

There are also some jobs that you may want to consider if you want to be your own boss such as working freelance writing, interior designer, a virtual assistant and many more.

Do not just pick a job all because it makes the most money. It might seem luxurious at first, but if you don't like the job, then you will slowly begin hating it. Pick something that YOU like and look up career paths based on that.
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Anthony’s Answer

The best way to figure out a career path is to learn alot about different industries and different career paths. Then you can figure out what will give you the most energy. What will make you excited to get out of bed Monday morning. There's definitely ways you can shadow people in their work environment to see if you would enjoy the work and the challenges. And then one important ingredient to consider is what's the culture of the place that I'm going to work for? Is it team oriented? Collaborative? A bunch of smart people that i can learn from?
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Morgan’s Answer

Hi there! I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do either, but felt that getting an internship pointed me in the right direction. Do you have any industry or companies that you admire? I would start there and see if they have any sort of internships that could be relevant to your major. Remember, thinking outside of the box is okay! For example, just because you are getting a marketing degree doesn't mean you have to get a marketing internship. You could also try a sales, customer success, or HR internship. From there, you may find that you pick up the skills needed to become your own boss. You can also be investing in the stock market at the same time!
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James’s Answer

Hi Jiayi,
First, do not put too much pressure on yourself to have everything figured out right now. As other have written, explore many areas before deciding. I love my career as a Certified Financial Planner professional, but it isn't how I started. I don't regret one minute of the time I spent in other work before I came to this one.

You could consider becoming a financial professional. My planning practice is with a major international firm, but essentially I run my own business. I help families with planning and manage their investments in stocks and other investments. If you want to be your own boss and be involved with investing, you might enjoy this as much as I do.

James recommends the following next steps:

You might start by looking up "Career Opportunities CFP."
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Suzanne’s Answer

Hi There, I totally understand your dilemma. My advice is to start with a solid Business Degree as this will give you a solid Business foundation. Both my sons started doing one College course and ended up different careers. Most likely you will do a College Degree and once you start your career you will organically be drawn to a career path you enjoy. Do not be afraid to switch track in the first year or two. My younger son started doing a Business Degree and then switched to Culinary Arts and now is a very well know Michelin Star chef and is opening his own restaurant. My older son started with a Business Degree and was in the Stock Market - then did an MBA and now owns a Bar and restaurant in San Francisco. Takes chances - Be Bold - You will find what you like doing and your passions will drive you on. Good Luck !