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Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 08, 2022 657 views

How long does becoming a pediatrician take?

Just wondering what the time span looks like, although i'm only a sophomore in high school.

Jiayi’s Avatar
Jiayi Sep 14, 2021 560 views

I don't know what to start doing to figure what I want to pursue.

I want to be my own boss and to also invest in the stock market. #business #marketing #career

Praise’s Avatar
Praise Apr 13, 2022 554 views

I am trying to switch careers into marketing but haven't been having a lot of success job searching and interviewing. How would you advice i go about it.

I'm currently a data analyst looking to go into marketing.

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Mar 14, 2019 845 views

Could you become a nurse with a biology major?

What would I do after I achieve a bio major? #major #biology #college-major #nurse

David’s Avatar
David Mar 13, 2019 580 views

Who else would you recommend that I speak with about this career?