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weilin’s Avatar
weilin Sep 14, 2021 442 views

What career can make a lot of money? Like $10,000 per month.

Hope to make a lot of #money to make my life easier, get things I want, have more power and happiness

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Sep 02, 2021 656 views

What entry-level job pays very well?

I am currently in a very tight spot, I barely get any hours from my current job and I only get paid 11 an hour. I am struggling with my bills and I am struggling the most with my small business. I was wondering if anyone knew any entry-level jobs that pay well. #finance #job #business...

Jiayi’s Avatar
Jiayi Sep 14, 2021 560 views

I don't know what to start doing to figure what I want to pursue.

I want to be my own boss and to also invest in the stock market. #business #marketing #career

asus’s Avatar
asus Aug 08, 2021 899 views

unable to find future career path.

Hi, This is AJ. I'm a B.Sc student . I am passionate about cyber security (i'm non IT background). But I want to do business. I love teaching too. what should I do now ? I can't think what i have to do in future. someone help me pls...thanks. #career #teaching #any #career-counseling...

Martin’s Avatar
Martin Mar 04, 2019 812 views

What is the highest college degree you recieved?

What is the highest degree you received and what was it, why did you decide to go into that field #tech #college #career