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What are some careers that involves computer science or math?

I'm a high school student that wants to become an engineer. Some classes that I'm taking to prepare for my future career are a hybrid math class, physics class, and a advance computer science class. #engineering

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2 answers

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Francisco’s Answer

Hi William!

Math is practically used in every single possible of the science, engineering, business, and medical fields. Computer science is also advancing as something that is basic requirement or is becoming part of many careers too. What I think is more important to think about when choosing your career is not what tools will you use, but where do you want to apply them. What I am trying to say is, you like math and computer science, but many careers will offer you that, so pick an area in which you would like to use those tools to achieve a goal you enjoy, are passionate about, or want to make a difference in.

If Engineering is your path, you could look at electrical engineering and apply math and CS to improving energy efficiency or designing modern electronic systems, maybe mechanical engineering and help design components for vehicles, program machines to make more complex tasks, or implement robotics in manual processes. You could also lean more on the programming side and do computer science or computer engineering, dedicated to more of the software aspect of things, working in control modules for different equipment or designing code for algorithms or other operational software.

Same logic applies if you'd like to look into chemistry, physics, biology, finance, business administration. You can definitely find a way of including math and computer science on whatever career path you choose. I know people who majored in business and now they have a company where they design security hardware and software. I personally took math and CS courses in college as a manufacturing/industrial engineering, and now use the basics of those concepts to solve problems and redesign systems in a manufacturing environment. The possibilities are endless in the fields of STEM.

Overall, keep taking those advanced STEM classes and explore the different possibilities, but most importantly, think about what kind of impact you want to make, where do you want to see your passion for STEM go into. You want to build the next generation of electric vehicles? Create the next social media app that will be used by millions? Own your own business? Do research in a lab? Whatever you pick I'm sure you will do great and will be able to apply the tools you enjoy the most.

Best of luck!

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Rebecca’s Answer

Thank yo u for your question. Nowadays, many careers requires both maths and computer science knowledge especially in Engineering , Finance, etc. It really depends on the careers you are interested in.
In Engineering field, there are many different types of engineering , e.g. Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineer, Computer Engineering, etc. Apart from Computer Engineering, all of these engineering would require good mathematics, physics and utilize computer to assist in the calculation process. For computer engineering, you may need good mathematics to design the best algorithm in computer resource utilization.
On the other hand, there is also a high demand on resource having good maths and computer science knowledge in finance sector.
You may explore more on the industry you have interested to pursue and the colleges which offering the relevant courses.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!