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My career goal is to become a software engineer at Cloudera alongside my dad.

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2 answers

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Jonathan’s Answer

This is an awesome career goal and I'm sure your father would be super proud.

I would check to see if your father's company offers internships. If so I would look to see if you're able to intern with his company - possibly even under his same group. Several employees I work with had the privilege of working alongside their child as an intern, and for some even lead to a full-time job!

Good luck!

Jonathan recommends the following next steps:

Check if your father's company offers internships
Apply for the internship
Ask about full-time opportunities after you graduate
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Greg’s Answer

Good for you, I know your dad will be proud. I too followed in my father's foot steps, but not initially. It took me 8 years out of college to realize my passion was software development. As Jonathan Y stated, start looking for internships, ask your dad "what do you really do?" and "what's a typical day like?" Figure out the tech stack they use and focus on these in your studies.