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What are some good colleges in California that has a good STEM program?

I am currently a senior in high school in San Francisco. We are getting close to applying for colleges. Just wanted to know what colleges have a good STEM program. college-selection engineering career computerscience

Hi there! Please use this link to see the Best Stem Colleges in California. Hopefully this will help! Barbara Manley

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2 answers

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Mamdouh’s Answer

Hi Canming

If you are in San Francisco and want to stay in the area, Stanford and Berkley have good programs. In Southern CA, you have UCLA

Good luck !
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Melanie’s Answer

Hey there! I may offer for you to also look into the University of San Diego, they have a lot of great programs in STEM fields and there are a lot of tech companies of various industry focus in the area as well. So, great program plus great opportunities for internships.