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What classes should I take to get an MIS degree

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4 answers

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Patricia’s Answer

Hi, As others have stated, colleges and universities will have a MIS curriculum that will help on this career path. The key is deciding on a management path or a technical path to assist with elective choices and Master choices. Personally, I chose a technical path and specialized in Unix operating systems, then moved to network and security admistration.

The best path I can suggest is to start the MIS curriculum and gage individual interests.

Hope this helped.

Patricia recommends the following next steps:

Check each university’s MIS program
Check for certifications that are offered through the curriculum
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Marion’s Answer

Hello! I graduated from Villanova University with a Management Information Systems degree. We did have a curriculum and it was a blend of business, tech, and business/tech focused. So for example, we had all the usual business classes like understanding hte basics of Accounting, Finance, Basics for business, and included database theory and creation, implementing Salesforce for a nonprofit, Programming with Javascrip + HTML.

I will say most people in my major ended up in Consulting (Deloitte/KPMG/EY etc). Similarly, I started my career in a consulting type role where I support software implementations. Some others who were more tech minded (keep in mind that it is a blend of business and tech, often times, people are not fully technical) went into game development, paired with computer science, etc.

I would urge to find out more about the career you'd be interested in and take courses which are interesting and geared towards that path.

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Saji’s Answer

Hi !

It depends on the university you want to attend and the specialization. I attended the University of Houston and graduated with MIS degree. In this case, the program included both business and technical courses. Business courses focused on the business aspect such as management, statistics, marketing and economics. The technical classes had several paths that you can choose from, and there are a few classes that is MIS specific. General classes like Into to MIS, Advanced MIS, and intro to networking. An example on specialized classes would be transaction systems.

You can also examine some of the certifications that are related to MIS which I recommend doing. Some of the certification: ITIL, Microsoft certification, Project Management (not really MIS but it is complementary to the subject as MIS work is mostly project work), CIP (certified information management practitioner and others.
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Cung’s Answer

hi Van, I assume you are asking for the Bachelor Degree level MIS degree right ? usually most universities have their MIS curriculum designed to help students to complete them and earn the respective BS in MIS. To prepare for those classes, you want to take courses in Highschool that are relating to computer science, math, and programming.