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Juan’s Avatar
Juan Feb 28 145 views

What can I do to find out what I want to major in the future?

Are there like resources I can look at and read to find out more?

Ben’s Avatar
Ben Oct 05, 2023 317 views

Is there a certain time a person should choose between two passions for a job?

I am in high school and know I still have a fair amount of time to make a decision about my career path for the future, but is there a specific time I should choose between my two interests? Should I completely focus on 1 of them at some point, or just wait and see what opportunities await in...

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Mar 09 215 views

Where do I start when deciding which major I want to undertake?

Or should I apply for colleges undeclared.

Yu Wen’s Avatar
Yu Wen Sep 28, 2022 614 views

How should I pick my major?

High school junior, not sure about what I should major in.

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jun 02, 2023 473 views

How can I find my passion?

I am 17, and unsure of everything. I have no idea who I want to be, or what to do as a career. I need some advice, I know I need to go to college not only to better myself and my knowledge just so I can be a well-rounded individual as well as also to give myself more opportunities in different...

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Oct 02, 2023 305 views

What will happen to me when I can’t pick my major

Will it significantly affect me if i choose undecided for my major? What happens if I just take courses I’m interested in to figure out what I want to do?

Wes’s Avatar
Wes Sep 24, 2023 236 views

How do you figure out how to put your foot in the door?

How should you find the right job for you that will both make you happy and help live a healthy life.

Lola’s Avatar
Lola Jul 25, 2023 255 views

How do you for sure know that you have picked a long-term job that you will enjoy and thrive in?

How much time does it typically take in college to find out if you're doing what you want to do later in life
When you're working but having second thoughts
Should you seek jobs with areas you're good at, or ones that make you happy

Karlene’s Avatar
Karlene Aug 30, 2023 911 views

When stuck with two passions what to do?

When stuck between two passions that have nothing related to each other how do you know what’s the right one for you to choose

Leyla’s Avatar
Leyla May 29, 2023 294 views

How can I choose between two career paths that I am equally passionate about?

I want to be a lawyer however, I am interested in spirituality and traveling as well. I've wanted to be a lawyer since I was 4 but now I am developing new interests and do not know how to choose or what to choose.

Yaw’s Avatar
Yaw Oct 02, 2023 211 views

Any ideas on choosing a career path?

Any ideas on choosing a career path

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Jul 08, 2023 302 views

What major should I pick?

What is the best way to find out what to major in at college if you have multiple paths in mind?

Ayana’s Avatar
Ayana Oct 01, 2023 204 views

How do I figure out what I want to major in for college?

I have a few options for what I want to do as jobs but I don't know what I'd major in. I need a few tips or tricks to tell me the best way to pick one.

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Nov 21, 2023 394 views

How do I know what major I want to pick in college?

What do I do if I’m undecided

Hana’s Avatar
Hana Aug 30, 2023 617 views

How do I choose what career path is right for me?

How do I balance my wants in my future with what will support me financially and what is achievable?