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how can i practice before i get started in my career

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4 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Your question is not clear as to what you are specifically asking. If you mean practice before you are licensed, the answer is internships. Especially while you are in school or graduate school, try to find an internship, externship, practicum, or whatever you call it and do a few semesters worth. Do more than the requirement. These will help you during your first interview for your first job.

I wanted a specific internship to do counseling with families experiencing cancer when I was in college. I had recently lost a friend to cancer and wanted to go into the field to help families like hers which was not typical at the time I found a place and agreed to stay a year instead of one semester.

That helped me get my first job and down the road we go.

If you are already graduated, see if you can get a job as a mental health specialist at a partial care hospital program near you. They will usually let you run groups. If you live near a hospital with an inpatient psych unit, they may also be looking for folks to run informal groups.

Good luck to you

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Judeanne’s Answer

Hi Alex,
I'm afraid your question isn't quite clear.
You hashtagged psychology, career counseling, music, and counseling.
If music is your desired path then practice is what you must do. Practice instruments, songwriting, and production.
If you're looking at a different career path, then an internship or a part-time job is a way you can practice for a future career path.

Feel free to ask again if you need a more specific answer.

All the best,
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Sal’s Answer

I would just find the person you want to be most like, and ask them to shadow for a day. Follow them at work and see if you like the day to day activities of that person. Goodluck!
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mark’s Answer

Hey Alex,

I think what you are asking about would be a mentorship or internship in an accredited counseling program. In a mentoring situation, you would identify a professional counselor who would be willing to help you learn by watching video or listening to audio of counseling sessions (recorded with the client's permission) and perhaps role playing with your mentor to begin to learn the tools of the trade An internship would be a formal arrangement through a Graduate Study's program where you would be assigned clients of your own to have supervised by your advisor. In almost all cases, practice needs to be done with supervision and preferably through a recognized counseling program.

I hope this helps.

All the best to you!

Mark V.