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What is the best YouTube camera?

YouTube is a great way that I have seen many people network and get great career opportunities. #blogging #youtube #social-media #networking

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5 answers

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Joel’s Answer

Hello, Diamond. That answer depends entirely on what type of videos you wish to shoot and your budgetary needs. I always assumed that most vloggers used digital video cameras, but I was surprised to learn that many of them actually use digital cameras that are originally intended for photography (ex. Canon T7i and Canon T6).

Your answer is great Joel, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! At this moment there are more than 800 unanswered questions so I wanted to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work! Jordan Rivera COACH

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Anwar’s Answer

According to me "Best" is a relative term, Everyone has their way of measuring or defining what meets and exceeds their requirement

For Vlogging purposes - A good camera should have these features.

Image Quality: It is recommended to choose camera that has Full HD recording capabilities or can go at least up to 1080p, to make your vlog look professional. But if your vlog channel focuses on beauty & stylish, food, photography or science experiment, etc. that’s especially demanding on video quality, you’d better look for 4K or “Ultra HD” cameras.

Low Light Performance: Most vloggers record videos indoor where the light is not perfect without professional lighting equipment. And it’s not always sunny when you shoot videos outdoor.

Optical Image Stabilization: As many of your activities are movements inspired so you definitely need a camera that supports Optical Image Stabilization. Shaky videos can be easily improved here.

Audio: If viewers are not able to hear your voice then they will not spend much time on your creation.So, prefer to choose a camera with high performance type audio recording.

Flip Screen: It makes your camera handy while maintaining stunning video quality.

Try to search for these features before making a selection, Based on your budget and use i'm sure you can find something :)

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Pramod’s Answer

Hi Diamond B,
It depends you can still shoot great videos on camera’s. But I personally use canon 70D with 50 to 200mm lens

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Mr.’s Answer

The camera that is already established in your PC system.

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Arnie’s Answer

The best camera is the one you have already! Maybe it's your cell phone or and old camera. Use that to get started. I personally love the 80D. Look up Casey Neistat!