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Can you go to a four-year college for this?

In a cosmetology field are there colleges that teach four years of it? #colleges #cosmetology #cosmetics #hair-stylist

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Nolan!

You are asking about a very interesting area.

Most people involved in this area get their start during the last two years of high school or at a community college. Private schools are available, but they are generally much more expensive and may not be any better to offset the additional cost.

If that is an appropriate career area, here are some good places to start an education.
Cosmetology Programs Available at:
North Carolina Community Colleges Campuses;
- Robeson Community College
- Sandhills Community College
- Fayetteville Technical Community College

Let me know if and how this is helpful. Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.

Thank you Ken! I appreciate the feedback and helpful information! Nolan J.

You are welcome. Please keep me posted. I would really like to follow your progress. Ken Simmons

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