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What is a good extracurricular activity for a veterinarian?

What are a few Extra Curricular activity for a veterinarian?
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Hey Gianna! One thing you could do is volunteer at your local animal shelter, or even see if you can get a part-time job there. You can also find humanities centers or pet kennels, and those would be good experience as well. Maybe you can even consider PetsMart and those kind of stores, as you would have interaction with animals and be able to get some exposure there. Albert P.

You'll need vet and animal-related(AR) experience to apply to vet school. Volunteer/intern with shelters, rehabilitation, small/large animal hospitals, Zoos/Aquaria, training, rescue, ranches/farms (ranch hand), riding facilities, heifer/poultry or livestock farms. Check for opportunities at PAWS, SPCA, and shelters. To get vet experience, you'll want to shadow veterinarians or get a job as a veterinary assistant or vet tech at a clinic (certifications required in most states). Get involved in research: biological, ecological, veterinary, or medical; find labs in your university. Don't hesitate to pet-sit, work at an AR facility (pet store, doggy day care, pet grooming), or dog walk. Also,horseback riding, showing animals or breeding is AR. Jackie G.

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2 answers

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Courtney’s Answer

That's a really broad question. To be considered extracurricular for a veterinarian, in my opinion it should be non-vet related, otherwise, it's just an extension of their vet practice. For example providing free vet services is still "being a vet" so I wouldn't consider it extracurricular.

One vet I know likes to quilt; another likes to run marathons; another shows dogs; another likes to golf, another likes to surf; one is a pilot, etc. As you can see, they are all over the place with their extracurricular activities. There are really no boundaries, it's all just a matter of personal interest.

Now if you're talking about a good extracurricular activity for a veterinary student, then you should look for anything animal related like: Pet sitting; volunteering/interning at a zoo or vet clinic; volunteering at the animal shelter, etc.

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Amber’s Answer

I have a friend from high school who is a veterinarian. She helps out at local farms as an extracurricular activity. In addition, she provides free care for older horses and supports local animal events like free shots, adoptions, and wellness education. Growing up, she offered to babysit or house sit for all types of animals so that she could learn about how to care for them. She even offered to help local vet's wash their animals and clean out cages and pins. She went to college in Colorado as they have one of the best veterinary schools in the country. Hope this helps.