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Any tips on building a following on a business instagram account?

I want to start an account for sneaker reselling but, I would like to know what are tips to build a foundation and following business entrepreneur .

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3 answers

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Joe’s Answer

Ask yourself "why" a few times.


Why do you want to sell sneakers on Instagram? (to make money)
Why do you want to make money? (to pay for school)
Why do you want to pay for school? (to avoid debt)
Why do you want to avoid debt? (so I can pursue XYZ interest without financial pressure)
Why do you want to pursue XYZ interest? (because it's what I really want to do & I think I can make a successful career out of it but it might take a while until I'm earning a lot)

If you do this exercise and your final answer is that you want to build your own company with a fashion / style angle, then the best thing to do, as other posters are saying, is to start posting - the best way to learn is to experiment - and get feedback!

However, if you do this exercise and you realize that this exercise is a distraction or misguided - for example, you don't care that much about shoes, or about being an influencer, or you don't think it's going to make you the money you need to avoid debt, or whatever - then maybe you should shift your focus before you invest a lot in the wrong area.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

Ask the 5 Whys
Analyze your answers to determine if you should proceed
If yes - start experimenting, but stay focused on your goal, learning as you go, and be ready to pivot
If no - come up with a new idea, rinse and repeat
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Margaret’s Answer

People tend to like when accounts post often, so my suggestion is minimum 4 posts a week, better to be once a day. Utilize stories & reels also.

You can also try to collaborate with other businesses and have them suggest their followers to follow you and you suggest them.

You can try to make sponsor deals by working with other brands to post sponsored content (where they pay you to post) which can help get your account name out there as well.

Also be sure to use relevant hashtags so people can find you that way.
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Zimkita’s Answer

You should start posting more on your personal page to build your brand and add hashtags when you post that are relatable to sneakers. For example whenever you post your own pictures , tag the name of the shoe brand you are wearing.

You also have to post content that people can relate to and be transparent at times for the audience to get know you and connect with you.

Post at least once a day and you want to make your Instagram public so that people can easily follow you. Instagram will give you insights so you can see when most of your followers are active on social media. Be consistent and good luck!