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Joe Ballou

Business, Leadership, and Education
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Redwood City, California
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cedric’s Avatar
cedric Dec 08, 2021 388 views

How do I start an business

I got everything I need How should I start it # #investing

Britteny’s Avatar
Britteny Dec 06, 2021 1028 views

Is instructional design ideal for introverts?

#design #instructionaldesign #instructionaldesigner

Raymundo’s Avatar
Raymundo Nov 08, 2021 459 views

Any tips on building a following on a business instagram account?

I want to start an account for sneaker reselling but, I would like to know what are tips to build a foundation and following #business #entrepreneur .

XinYi’s Avatar
XinYi Nov 04, 2021 436 views

What colleges have a good business program?

#business #college #management

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Dec 01, 2021 512 views

What happens after several years of service?

I would like to work in a field related to police, investigation and entrepreneurship.
#police #business
#investigate #any

ciara’s Avatar
ciara Oct 10, 2021 596 views

what does a day in the life as a professional painter look like?

#business #career im just curious lol. #entrepreneur #hustle

jim’s Avatar
jim Nov 05, 2021 411 views

How do i get into real estate?

I am a quick learner and very interested in this career. #business

Malikia’s Avatar
Malikia Nov 05, 2020 883 views

What is it like to be a Game designer?

I like to play games, and try out new games that are coming out. Also my dream job is to develop games for teens. Cause I do know that teens like to play games so I want to develop a game the people would like. Like these are some of the jobs I want. #Technology, #Game-development, #Gaming-industry