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What would you say you need to be a successful up and coming engineer


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5 answers

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Francisco’s Answer

Hi Amariyeh,

I think the advice the other professionals is very good, but I think they miss some key advice that is undoubtedly important when working as an engineer:

1) Having a voice and a "fresh eyes" perspective: As an engineer it is very easy to fall on the day to day, and also be a victim of just following the "orders" of your manager or leaders. I think an engineer should always feel empowered to give their opinion and bring new ideas to the table. Also, engineers should be critical of their workspace. Do not accept things just cause people say "we've done this for the past 10 years". Always be the fresh eyes and new ideas person, that's a real engineer.

2) Teamwork: Engineers are teamworkers by nature. Even in school we naturally organize in study groups to get through the classes. In industry this is even more important as you will be working in cross-functional environments where not everyone is an engineer or there are engineers who will have different focuses. Knowing how to work with other people, communicate effectively in technical and non-technical speech, and managing conflict are all key skills.

3) Business acumen: Engineers often get lost on their technical world and they forget the main objective of their company isn't to be the most technologically advanced or to have the most efficient machines, but to make money. You need to understand what really adds value to the business and work towards those things. If you align your objectives to the business you are more likely to be recognized, get visibility, and advance

4) Leadership: An engineer needs to be a leader. You need to push boundaries, deliver what your stakeholders need, not what they want. Make difficult decisions and problem solve effectively. Being a leader makes an engineer from ordinary to extraordinary. You should aim to lead in every part of your job.

Hope these are helpful to you in your career. Best of luck!
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Lisa’s Answer

-Keeping up to date with advancements in technology and engineering
-Studying and maintaining certifications and qualifications in your respective skill set
-Join technical communities and forums is also a good way of building knowledge and also a peer network to discuss problems and challenges with
-Learn from you mistakes - I was recently on a training course which talked about viewing failure in a positive light - FAIL - First Attempt At Learning
-Be comfortable and embrace change
-Understand the business you are supporting and the value this brings to customer outcomes
-Figure out what you are passionate about - do you want to be a generalist, so know a little bit about a lot, or do you want to deep dive into certain areas and become a specialist

Aside from the technical skill set of an engineer, I would also say working on your soft skills can be just as important. If as an engineer, you are supporting customers with problems, troubleshooting etc, then skills like communications, keeping them up to date with progress, attention to detail, sense of urgency - these alongside the technical skill set will support a positive customer experience.

There are lots of useful resources available. Here are a couple I found which talks about what it means to be a successful engineer - you will see there are many things in common across both articles:
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Thulasiram’s Answer

Hi Amariyeh M

Each industry has its own Opportunities. It’s all about your passion for the industry.

Engineering - it is a vast topic to discuss, due to different streams. If you are interested in Electrical, Telecommunication, Aviation and Electronics.

Technology - If you want pursue your career in the industry like Software and Information technology world

Mechanical - If you are interested in sectors like Automotive

For more information:

Still you want to know more about this, check out the below link

All the best !
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Nick’s Answer

Adding to the other good responses, you need to be continuously expanding your knowledge and understanding of the subjects tangential to your expertise. This means not only the technical and scientific subjects but the business aspects such as the supply chain, finance and operational processes of your business. It's critical to understand the needs of your coworkers the external customers and be able to communicate with them well.

Some engineers stay in their safe zone of their technical field but find themselves frustrated with limited growth. Growth occurs for those with an open mind, willing to take risks expanding their understanding of the business. People with open minds are recognized as having high potential.
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Kishore’s Answer

I would like to say - Keep upgrading on your specific skill set, work on it, understand the subject than just memorizing it.