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Are there any nonprofit organizations that help you produce a short film, feature film, or documentary?

I am considering going back to school to achieve my masters in drama therapy and/or MFT. In the meantime, I would like to get some experience with film making/screenwriting and possibly get help funding the project. Any resources, nonprofits, or anything that you can recommend?

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2 answers

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Sylvester’s Answer

This is a great question, Non-Profit there weren't many I could think of that would fund a project but there are plenty of opportunities as a student for internships and programs to that have sponsors that will sponsor you as a student in some of the for profit programs camps things of that sort.

Like the previous answer I would 2nd that just get out there and shoot hook up with other film makers or budding film makers depending on your subject matter as far as funding the project if it's something important to that group i.e. church, civic group or social cause anything along those lines put together a pitch.
1. Know your audience.

2. Have a plan, I know some would say this should have been 1st but as a content creator or film maker you have to remain flexible and your project fluid ready to adapt as needed.

3. Be ready to work and to show your work.

You're a young creative, stay creative. I know I should say something about following your passion and maybe some made for tv movie catch phrase or line but that wouldn't be realistic. You still have to be able to feed yourself survive while you follow your dreams and passions that's why an education is so important.

Start selling your ideas to your friends, build relationships with your teachers. Reputation is so important and sometimes people invest in you because of who you are even if they don't understand your project, your vision or what your trying to convey with your art they just trust you.

Good luck, can't wait to see what you create.

Sylvester recommends the following next steps:

Check out this cool link I ran across helping some other students during a camp I ran over the summer.
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Laura’s Answer

There are a few resources out there for finding funding for filmmaking. One place I found some information is from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences: and and There are many other scholarship and grant programs out there as well. Some of the best ways to get experience making films and writing screenplays is just to start doing it. Using your phone as your camera is perfect!
Thank you so much! This is an incredible answer and I appreciate the resources. Teriyana M.