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How much do you get paid to model?

Cause I wanna play professional basketball and model at the same time cause I don't wanna be bored I wanna be the first that play professional basketball in model. #fashion #modeling #basketball #sports

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2 answers

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Michelle’s Answer

Shyheim L. , I am quite impressed with how determined you sound to have a stimulating career ! One person is, unfortunately, unable to generally tell you how much you'd get paid to model. Since agencies or companies pay differently for different types of modeling jobs, that will give you variety and sometimes a choice in which jobs you choose.

The first step is to compile an outstanding portfolio which shows your range of looks. With no better way to say it, you are a product and you will need to develop excellent selling skills to use when seeking representation and when you go on 'go sees'. You just may be the 'type" they are looking for. I than would recommend an acting class as well or any movement or dance class . You will also need to understand the camera and what photographers want when they direct you. The thrill of supporting yourself through modeling is a big goal and there are many steps along the way.

Do a search for networking opportunities. Meet as many people as you can in your local area who are in the modeling and fashion community. Sign up for alerts for modeling jobs on employment websites or industry websites.

Prepare yourself for a lot of go sees which don't pan out. Some will result in work, but you have to come to terms beforehand about the many times they don't choose you. You should feel comfortable about this. You will have to be resilient and confident to pursue this field for years. Don't let anything get you down or stop you.

Best wishes to you in your future goals and pursuits!

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Compile modeling portfolio
Take a modeling, acting or movement class
Network with other models and fashion professionals
Look on employment sites for modeling jobs

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Shamelle’s Answer

I glad that you already know that you would like to do. To get paid to be a model is going to depend on what type of modeling you are going to do. For this, make sure you do a little research first. For example, pick a model that you like that Google their name, this way you can find out how and why they got started modeling.