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Does studying physiology in a community college prepare me for a Massage Therapist license?

I don't have many colleges near me that focus on massage therapy. I have found 4 schools so far and I'm not sure if studying physiology at a 4 year college will prepare me enough for the license's test. massage-therapist college therapeutic- college-advice massage

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2 answers

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Katrina’s Answer

So in most states (and I looked up NY to be sure), you do not need a 4-year degree to become a massage therapist. You do however have to have a certification/degree from an accredited massage therapy school. These programs can vary in length but seem to average about 2 years from what I've seen. So if you want to pursue this route, I would be looking specifically for schools that provide this certification.

I would also encourage you (if you haven't already) to speak with or shadow therapists in the field (you can e-mail or call local places and just ask). Or if you go for a massage, ask them about what it's like to go to school. I would encourage you to ask about how they get paid too, some therapists I know get an hourly rate, and others get paid commission on the service, but only a minimum wage rate if their client does not show.

If you are interested in pursuing physiology, Hassan provided a great list of other options that you could consider. Physical therapy and athletic training in particular definitely utilize a lot of massage and hands-on techniques, and they do tend to have a bit of a higher pay rate (though they need more schooling). Best of luck!
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Hassan’s Answer outlines the NY license requirements for massage therapist and lists the approved education institutions.

I'm not sure std. physiology programs would prepare you for the Massage Therapist exam. These programs would and but they're physiology degrees.

If you're ready to study physiology at a 4 year college then maybe explore something like which would open up a range of careers like
Athletic Trainer/Therapist
Exercise Physiologist
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Therapist
Recreation and Sports Director

I'd expect that those would allow you earn more money that you could as a massage therapist.