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What skills should I focus on for an Automotive Engineering Career?

Updated Muncie, Indiana

I have been recently looking at some videos and reading up about Mechanical Engineering, and I want to Find a college that can provide me with the skills I need for a career in Automotive Engineering, I'm just curious on what I need to do to Focus myself on my path. I truly love the idea of working in modern car modeling, testing, and improving the efficiency of modern cars, but when it comes to school, it is a bit difficult to plan everything out. I have a true passion for cars, and I truly want to contribute to the enhancement of today's Vehicles, and improving the environment. Any advice is helpful! Thanks, -Robert.
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2 answers

Mikio’s Answer

Updated Douglasville, Georgia

read https://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/top-10/top-10-automotive-colleges-and-universities-in-the-us.html

thank you, and IU sounds like a very close option, considering I live somewhat close. but this was helpful to read. and I definitely have a few good people to help me in the upcoming of my spare time. I just have to allocate time more wisely into spending time in the garage. but again, thank you for the help!

Vaibhav’s Answer

Updated Madison, Wisconsin

Product Development

I would say to take a look at Blockchain technology as it pertains to automotive industry.