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Does a lack of summer internship threaten you're success in applications after graduation?

Asked London, England, United Kingdom

A summer internship during college is highly coveted but obtaining one is highly competitive and very difficult. Thus, by not having one in your second year of university, are you jeopardising post-university plans? Or will finding an alternative job or volunteering role be as useful? #college #university #internships #student #graduate #graduate-recruitment

2 answers

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Anaka!

You asked a very important question.

Let me clear up a common misconception. The main purpose of participating in an internship (as well as shadowing, volunteer, and coop programs) is not to impress a college or an employer. The main purpose of such programs is to gain career exposure to help to make sure that one is making an appropriate major and career decision. The most frustrating times spend while doing college recruiting were the times when a graduate once on the job, found that he/she did not like the job for which he/she had studied as he/she had not done enough research and career exposure. Selecting a career/major is like buying a pair of shoes. They may look great, but you need to try them on and walk in them for a while to determine proper fit and comfort.

Let me know if and how this might be of help. Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.

Thank you for your response! As a student, I have also gotten caught up in the craze to get an internship as a medium of getting a job. Your advice, that interning is more about gaining exposure to the industry and seeing if you are really a good fit, is much more individual-centric and is very useful advice to me, as someone who does not yet know which industry she wants to work in.
You are welcome. Career exploration is very important, especially knowing what courses you need to take in high school to prepare you for the courses in college. You do not want to end up in college paying for courses that you could have taken for free in high school. the objective in life is to use your skills, abilities, experience, and training in a position that will bring satisfaction and fulfillment and allow you to look forward to going to work every day. Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.
If you do want to get a part time job, going the head of alumni relations and talking to graduates in your areas of interest may allow you to become involved in situations that will allow you to get valuable experience and earn money. Using natural connections such as graduating from the same school and having the same career area interests will get you a long way. These people will work with you as your interest in exploring and possibly majoring in their career area may just put you above other possible candidates.

Nina’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi! I think that realizing that you can do a spring and/or winter (break) internship is important. I think internships are very important and so do many other professionals aka the ones hiring people like you. Volunteering can still be made into an internship. I would check out your schools internships or even talk to some of your professors. A lot of clubs that I joined in my university gave me access to alumni and networking events to talk to people (and find internships)!

Best of luck, Nina