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Is it ever acceptable to ask members of the organization you interviewed with about other organizations that are potentially hiring?

Updated Baltimore, Maryland

I had an informational interview with an organization about their upcoming AmeriCorps position, which starts in August. I am currently unemployed and have been advised by family and peers to inquire about other organizations I can work at in the interim. Is it acceptable to ask? And if so how can I do so appropriately? I really want to work for this organization when their position starts but would like income before the then. #jobs #interviews #hiring #americorps #job-application #financial-planning

4 answers

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

From a cultural standpoint, I would say absolutely it is acceptable. From an "inside information" standpoint, I would say absolutely not acceptable. For example, if I am interested in Company ABC and I know an employee, I would reach out to that person and ask if he/she would have time to tell me about the culture of Company ABC. I would let that person know I had recently interviewed with Company ABC and was interested in learning more should I move forward in the hiring process. If that person agreed to speak with me, I would ask questions focused on their experience within Company ABC. In reality, this would be part of the due diligence I would do on the company during my research and interview process.

On the other hand, I would not ask for or engage in any conversations around inside information such as possible internal candidate's specific information, personal questions about the hiring manager or personal questions about the person that previously was in the role I was interviewing for.

I believe it is our responsibility to gather as much information about a company/organization as possible without invading the personal information of others. There are so many resources available for an interviewee to be fully prepared to interview and accept an offer, that not only helps the interviewee but also lets the interviewer know a decision was took preparation and a well thought out plan.

lori’s Answer

Updated Indiana, Indiana

I wouldn't advise it. They may believe that you are looking for a better option. If you want other work until then, you need to find other routes to find a temporary job. Check other similar organizations on your own or use your school's career center, linked in, and other employment sites.

Thank you Lori. Your answer matches my feelings on the subject.

Amanda’s Answer


Glad you asked Mounia!

If you or the organization determined that the position you applied for is not a good fit based on your goals, experience, or skills you are certainly entitled to ask about other organizations that are better aligned with your goals, experience, etc. I would ask the interviewer about partner organizations, people they work closely with and regularly communicate with. They may know of job openings at these organizations and have contacts that they can forward your resume to. They may even be gracious enough to attest to your communication and interview skills and let the recruiter know that you are a great candidate. It always helps to leave a good impression, you never know what connections the interviewer may have!

John’s Answer

Updated Mountain View, California
Mounia, I would hesitate in asking that specific question. You could potentially ask the interviewer what types of companies do similar work, or what types of backgrounds strong candidates typically have. You can also look on LN at employees of your target company, and see what similar companies they have previously worked at.