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jobs that hire at 16 and easy to get in?

Im 16 in the 11th grade and look for a job. #hiring #job #career #interviews

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8 answers

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John’s Answer

Tamya it's not enough to search for an entry-level job. To find the right job for you — and to increase your chances of scoring an interview — you have to employ some job search strategies. For example, did you know that Monday is the best day of the week to look for a job? Or that you should always schedule interviews for the morning? The peak season for hiring is the summer. If the summer job you land works out, you may be able to continue working part-time in the fall when you are back in school. These tips and tricks will get you in the door and get you your first job.


DISNEY WORLD – While some people simply think it will be fun to work in one of these theme parks, others realize how good a job or internship at this prestigious company will look on their resumes. Prospective employers know that Disney provides extensive training to all their workers—known as cast members—and they look forward to benefitting from it.

BARISTA – This job might require waking up at an ungodly hour to serve the masses their daily caffeine fix, but if you can handle it then head over to your local coffee shop and apply. If you can prove that you’ll be able to learn how to make different drinks and deal with customers, this won’t be a tough application process.

HOSTESS – Restaurants are almost always looking for new members to add to their host staff. It doesn’t take much to get this job, as a lot of teenagers start out in food service, which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been to a restaurant ever in your life. That’s why it ranks on our list of the easiest first-time jobs to get for teenagers.

RETAIL ASSOCIATE – We are continuing our list of easiest first-time jobs to get for teenagers with retail, that is another job type that doesn’t require a lot of skill to get your foot in the door. The application process is generally easy and only takes one interview to get going. It’s a laid-back environment and if you score a job at your favorite store you’ll get a great discount, too. The discount alone should be worth the work.

GROCERY STORE – My first job was at a grocery store. It was a really easy application process. All I did was fill out the application and turn it into the manager. She then called me the next day and I interviewed and was hired on the spot. There’s not much skill required to be hired and customer service is something that looks wonderful on a resume.

With a little initiative—and the willingness to work conscientiously at jobs that initially only pay minimum wage—you can begin to establish your reputation as a competent and dedicated employee while earning some extra money. This work experience, as well as the positive references you can collect from employers who are satisfied by your performance, will help to ensure that future employers will be interested in you as an attractive job candidate.

Hope this was Helpful Tamya

John recommends the following next steps:

Know Your Employer – One of the most effective tricks to cracking your interview is by knowing your employer. You know their strengths, their weaknesses, and possible strategies. Besides, you should try to learn as much about the company and its owners as possible. This should help reserve a soft corner in the hearts of your interviewers. And in turn, would help you bag some extra points during the interview.
Learn To Answer The Right Way – When preparing for your first job interview, make a note of the possible questions that you may face in the interview. Experts at Job Interview Questions explain that when you know the possible questions you can prepare with the right answers. It is needless to say that even the wrong answers if presented in the right way could earn you some extra points. And it is, in fact, these extra points that help you bag the right job in the first attempt.
Pay Attention To Your Attire – The age-old proverb – first impression is the last impression, is also true when you’re appearing for an interview. In this context, your attire is the very first impression that you propose to your interviewer, long before you even start greeting and communicating with them. So make sure that you dress appropriately in formals or semi-formals (depending upon the company culture). Additionally, make sure that your attire is properly cleaned and ironed.

Your Welcome Tamya, it was my Pleasure. The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job. John Frick

Thank You Dexter for your continued support. Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. John Frick

Thank You Kim. Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller John Frick

Great answer. Rita Gleason

Thank You Rita. I’ve learned that people will forget what we've said, people will forget what we've done, but people will never forget how we made them feel. John Frick

Disney is definitely a great first time job however the minimum age to apply is 18 but I definitely do recommend Darin Munnell

Thank You Darin, you are absolutly right. Correction Tamya: Walt Disney World is very specific on the age. You have to be at least 18 years old to apply and you must be legal to work in the U.S. However, some exceptions have been made for 17-year-olds who are graduating seniors. John Frick

Thank You Tamya. What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. John Frick

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Robert’s Answer

In addition to the replies above, if close to home and entry level work is what you need; my daughter had success this summer by visiting the local businesses in person. She dressed professionally, wore her mask and went in to ask for who makes the hiring decisions. She greeted them and then either introduced herself or let them know she had applied online but wanted to meet her future boss in person. She left a resume, was asked back for an interview and got hired on the spot.
You too will have success if you ask for the job. Hope to hear of your success soon!

i don't have a resume Tamya M.

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Kim’s Answer


Here in San Antonio, the easiest jobs to get are fast food, such as the Sonic Drive-in. A lot of teens also start at the Pizza Hut call center.

Take your time when completing the application. We are all guilty of "zipping through" the on-line forms: click, click, submit. Don't do that! Read everything, including the two paragraphs of fine print. Look for companies that seem to have their act together, such as Chic-Fil-A, not the ones that can never seem to get your order right. While this might be a first job, it's not unusual for teens to be promoted into positions of responsibility. These big companies have all sorts of positions that you can grow into throughout your college years. And, if you are going to college, see if the company offers tuition assistance - some do!

You will likely be nervous during the interview, but, that's okay. Here's something to think about as you answer questions. The purpose of business is to make money. You want to show how you can help to make money, or save money. This starts with basics, like, attendance. From there it goes into things like safety. Food handling can easily result in food poisoning. Preventing lawsuits by not getting hurt, putting out the wet floor signs, etc is what I mean by saving money.

Best of luck!

thank you! Tamya M.

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Reagan’s Answer

You may consider starting your search with local small businesses. They will often be more likely to have part-time positions & are more willing to work with your school schedule, etc. Because they have smaller teams, each team member may have responsibilities across multiple fields. For example, a local gymnastics coach teaches students, but also learns to sell the membership program, addresses customer concerns, and may help train new team members.

Upon your completion of this role, you could customize a child development resume, an education resume, a sales resume, a customer service resume, or a training & development resume, depending on which careers you'd like to pursue. This approach will maximize your exposure to different elements, allowing you to decide early on what you like and do not like in a role. Take advantage of any additional certifications or classes that they are willing to sponsor and build strong relationships with all co-workers - you never know who will be a strong contact in the future!

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Elena’s Answer

My first job at that age was being a restaurant hostess! Working at a larger restaurant I learned to manage time and organization with all the reservations we would have. Great place to gain some experience in customer service which is always useful.

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Wayne’s Answer


You may be able to find a job that sparks your interest at the URLs below:


Good luck!

Another great national site for retail jobs, as well as jobs that have a high demand for hires is snagajob.com. Be sure to register on each site and keep a current resume on file with the websites that you choose. Yolonda Gaskin

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Liam’s Answer

Why rely on someone giving you a job when you can make your own. Take stock in what you are good at or have an interest in. There are a lot of businesses that will allow you to "get out there" in your desired field. If you like animals, there is an app called Rover. There are a lot of babysitting apps too. Some apps may have age or driving restriction, so do some research. Most of the more popular apps will do some sort of background check or identity validation for you and those you interact with for added safety and liability assurances. There are also community bulletin boards where you can advertise your services. Be mindful of the security risks involved if you use public bulletin boards.

A next level idea would be to focus on a field that you are interested in getting into in the future and looking for opportunities there. If its with in your means, volunteering or internships in these fields can help better position you for the future.

Good Luck!

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Simeon’s Answer

I'd look at summer camp work. You can get certified as a lifeguard and ropes course worker there, make a decent wage during the summer with free food and board, while also being able to do lifeguarding part time during the normal school year.